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       Our family farm began in 2014 with a garden, some chicks and ducklings.

       We really enjoyed watching the chicks grow, seeing each stage of their lives. It was fun to watch them scratch and peck and eat everything that we gave them. When they became old enough to go outside we transitioned them to a mobile coop, and moved them around the backyard.

       Early in 2015 we got our very first batch of meat chickens (broilers). They taught us a little bit about how to take care of broilers as well as how to process them, which we had never done before. Later we moved to Bertram, TX, bringing the flock of chickens with us, and experimented with some other breeds of broilers.

       In 2016, we got our first official flock for the business. We got 250 chicks, raised them up until they started laying, and put them out on pasture.

       We named our farm Humble Rooster. If you know anything about roosters, they are not humble! We, too, are naturally proud, but through the Lord Jesus Christ can be made humble.

       The first place to sell our eggs was on the side of the road in Briggs, TX and to family and friends. We then started selling eggs and eventually meat at a few farmers markets in Georgetown and Round Rock.

       In 2017, we joined the Wolf Ranch Farmers Market (Georgetown) and the Texas Farmers Market at Lakeline (Austin / Cedar Park), in addition to a CSA and a few restaurants.

       The farm keeps us busy, and we enjoy it. We have learned a lot!

       On this journey, we have come to appreciate good, healthy food. We hope to expand as we learn how we can better serve our customers and farm.

       Hope to see you soon!

- The Hicks Family








Humble Rooster Farm, LLC    Soy Free, Corn Free, Non-GMO Pastured Poultry

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